No Product Demo Short Description Detail Clients
1 General Accounting Download Very easy to use, From Billing to Balance Sheet, No need to know accounting rules. More Clients
2 Timber / Sawmill Billing Download Sizing, Drum, Jalau billing & challan with form 402, Forest Pass (Eng & Guj), Freight Note, C-form Letter More Clients
3 Hospital Management Download Includes OPD & Indoor Case Reg, Cash Memo & Bill Generations. Headwise reporting. More Clients
4 Vegetable Market Download खरीद और बिक्री का प्रिंट आउट गुजराती, हिंदी और अंग्रेजी में पाया जा सकता है और पूरी हिसाब रिपोर्टिंग के साथ सीधे मोबाइल पर भी देखा जा सकता है। स्टॉक्स को कबला के अनुसार भी प्रबंधित किया जा सकता है। More Clients
5 Wholesale Pharma Download Wholesale Pharma software with accounting and inventory,MFG Sales reporting,MR reporting,expiry warnning. More Clients
6 Medical Store Download Retail Medical store software with account and inventory, expiry warnning. More Clients
7 WOODTRADE Download You can create bill of Sizes, Plywood, Laminate, Round logs, Doors, Frames, Bidding patti, Furniture accessories. You can calculate CFT, CMT, Sqft., RFT. More Clients
8 School Management Download Suitable for all type of school. Major Functions like Admission, Fees, Exam Result, TimeTable etc. More Clients
9 OPD-Clinic Management Download Includes OPD Case Reg,Complaints, History and Priscription, Cash Memo . Headwise reporting. More Clients
10 Jeweller Billing Software Download Billing and Accounting software for Jewellery show-rooms, stock both in grams and quantity.. More Clients
11 Plywood Billing & Inventory Download Billing facility with inventory and complete accounting. Billing with Squre Feet or Square Meter and inventory deduction on ratio of bill. More Clients
12 Restaurent Bill & Inventory Download Customized billing with very usefull graphical table status. You can easily track inventory levels. More Clients
13 Cheque Printing Download Dynamically cheque setting, Multi Company, Multi Bank setting. User can set cheque format. More Clients
14 Barcode Billing / POS Software Download Either use Barcode gun or Touchscreen, apart from billing it incluedes Billing to Balance Sheet. More Clients
15 Motel Management Download Room Reservation, Room Booking, Additional Charges, Customer and ID proof images intake.
16 Coldstorage Download Inward, outward, delivery challan with stock location in coldstorage with accounting facility.
17 Pathology Laboratory Reporting Very easy and quick reporting software.
18 Bloodbank Software Bloodbank software is a complete solution that helps in managing every task from the point blood is collected to blood is transfused.It records all processes from blood donation to follow-up.
19 Payroll Very easy and quick salary generation with all the reports from salary statemnts to Pf Challan.
20 College Management Specially Design for colleges with new semester system with sms alerts, Fee receipt, Exam, Attendence, Ic-card printing etc facility.
21 Distributor & Stockist Accounting Includes the function like bill, account, inventory, groupwise, schemes, routewise and salesman Reporting etc.
22 Canvasing Agent Brokerage Bill generation with all the accounting function.
23 Weighbridge Billing Auto data input from weighbridge machine. Very accurate and secure.
24 Wineshop Billing Specially desing for License wine shops with all the reports. stock in bottle and bulk Litre.